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You could save up to $382* when you switch coverage on your home. You could save up to $382* when you switch coverage on your home. You could save up to $481* when you switch coverage on your car. You could save big when you package** your auto and home insurance policies. You could save up to $382* when you switch coverage on your home.

Safeco Insurance® started in 1923, and has become a trusted partner to protect:
Auto & Home

Auto Insurance

Safeco offers plenty of options for auto coverage. As an independent insurance agency, we can help you find the options that work for you. We provide personalized auto insurance quotes whether you're taking the convertible for a spin or the minivan to soccer practice.

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Home Insurance

The first step in protecting your family is protecting the home you live in. Whether you're new homeowners or long-term nesters, you can choose coverage that helps you feel secure by working with our licensed agents.

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Save with a Bundle

You could save when you combine your home and auto polices.
The Safeco Package is one of the easiest ways to get a discount on your insurance. It's also convenient - you'll only have one bill to manage. It's a good answer when you have more than one asset to protect.
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Other Insurance Products

Safeco insures more than just houses and cars. Whether you need to protect that ski boat on the lake, your cozy apartment or your RV for summer adventures, they've got you covered.
Boat Insurance

Protect your watercraft and it's passengers on water or land with Safeco's watercraft insurance.

Motorcycle Insurance

Cover your bike and even your safety gear with Safeco's motorcycle insurance policies.

RV Insurance

Your home away from home deserves great protection so you can plan for any trip.

Umbrella Insurance

Less than a dollar a day gets your assets protected with an extra layer of coverage.1

Renters Insurance

Whether you rent a house, condo or apartment, make sure you and your belongings are covered.

Classic Car Insurance

With Safeco it's surprisingly affordable to insure your vintage beauty.

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

ChoiceMark Auto & Home Insurance Services is committed to keeping all of your personal information secure. This privacy statement explains the protection, uses and benefits of the information you provide in order to ensure your peace of mind through every step of the process.

What information is gathered and how is it used?

The questions we ask on our site are used only to determine which Insurance companies and products best match your unique needs. Each Insurance company bases its final prices on its own criteria. To more accurately match you with the best company, product and policy for your needs, we gather some general health, lifestyle, family history, and contact information on our site. A licensed representative will then review your submission and, if necessary, either call or email you to clarify any outstanding issues and provide your with the information you request.

From time to time, we may contact you with information concerning various Insurance products that we believe might be of interest to you. Of course, you should only feel comfortable providing this information to a trusted name with a verified commitment to your privacy and security.

Should you have any questions whatsoever regarding the personal information submitted to ChoiceMark Auto & Home Insurance Services, please call us at 1-866-683-6924 or email us at

What security devices are in place on to protect my personal information?

All information submitted through is encrypted using SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) protocol. This encodes and protects your information as it travels across the Internet. All personal information you supply is encrypted using a digital certificate supplied by VeriSign, a leading provider of internet security technology.

Does ChoiceMark Auto & Home Insurance Services sell my personal information to other companies?


When does ChoiceMark Auto & Home Insurance Services provide my personal information to insurance companies?

Only when you explicitly authorize us to begin the application process for the policy and carrier you choose.

Any personal information gathered by ChoiceMark Auto & Home Insurance Services is used for the process of qualifying you for insurance products. When required by law, the following information may be collected and shared with others:
  • Your name, address and Social Security number
  • The type of policy you purchase
  • Your claims and credit history
  • Your driving record

The parties with whom we may share this information include:

  • Regulators and law enforcement agencies, when permitted or required by law
  • Joint marketers such as insurance companies, agents and financial institutions
  • Third-party service providers

How can I access, review and correct my information?

You can access all your personally identifiable information that we collect and maintain online by calling us at 1-866-683-6924 or emailing us at This will give you the opportunity to review your personally identifiable information or update us on a correction that needs to be made. To protect your privacy and security, we will also take reasonable steps to verify your identity before granting access or making corrections. We use this procedure to better safeguard your information.

Does ChoiceMark Auto & Home Insurance Services use "cookies?"

Yes. To personalize your experience on our website and to enhance security, we may assign your computer browser a unique random number known as a “cookie.” Cookies enhance security by allowing us to identify you should you wish to access your personal profile upon returning to our site. Cookies also allow the site to display the proper pages and forms appropriate to your profile. Setting your browser to refuse cookies will disable the site from performing properly. Of course, if you prefer, you can give us a call at 1-866-683-6924 and we can help you right over the phone.

Your privacy and security are not compromised when you accept a cookie from We do not use cookies to collect any personally identifying information, and a cookie cannot read data from your computer's hard disk or read cookie files from other websites.

ChoiceMark Auto & Home Insurance Services uses pixels, or transparent GIF files, to help manage online advertising. These GIF files are provided by our partners for the duration of a campaign and are then removed from the site. These files enable an advertiser to recognize a unique cookie on your Web browser, which in turn enables us to learn which advertisements bring users to our website. The cookie was placed by us or by another advertiser who works with our partners. The information that we collect and share is anonymous and not personally identifiable. It does not contain your name, address, telephone number, or email address.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, our website, or any other aspect of the services we offer, please call us at 1-866-683-6924 or email us at

Privacy Policy Updated 11/08/2012


Legal Information



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Data Protection

ChoiceMark Auto & Home Insurance Services is not obligated to monitor any transmission made through the respective Web pages and newsgroups. However, ChoiceMark Auto & Home Insurance Services has the right, but not the obligation, to monitor any transmission made to and for this Web site. ChoiceMark Auto & Home Insurance Services may use or disclose information gathered from the site.

Intended Audience

This site is published for some, but not all the residents of the United States of America. This site is not intended for use by any countries other than the Unites States of America. Information concerning the identity, history, and products of each insurance company represented by ChoiceMark Auto & Home Insurance Services is intended for residents of states in which that insurance company is licensed. No applications will be sought or accepted on behalf of any insurance company from a resident of a state in which that company is not licensed. Availability of products varies by state.

Policies not available in all states. Misstatement and misrepresentation restrictions may apply. The quote and plan comparisons we provide are furnished by the individual insurance companies, and are subject to change without notice and/or underwriting qualification by the specific insurance company to which the application is submitted. A quote should not be construed as a commitment from the insurance company to actually issue that policy or any other policy to you. All quotes that we present are based on the information you have provided us at our request. To purchase a policy, you must submit a completed application to the insurance company, which will then review your application along with any other information that may be gathered from sources such as, but not limited to, the Department of Motor Vehicles, credit bureaus and the Medical Information Bureau. Following review and analysis, the insurance company will then determine the precise premium to charge you. This underwriting process may result in higher or lower premiums than your quote.

ChoiceMark Auto & Home Insurance Services offers insurance products and services through its licensed insurance agency, ChoiceMark Auto & Home Insurance Services, LLC. ChoiceMark Auto & Home Insurance Services is not an insurance company. We represent top-rated insurance companies, and receive commissions—and possibly other performance-based compensation—for our services. Products and services are not available in all states.

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